Chili’s was founded in 1975 in Dallas, Texas when Larry Lavine opened the first restaurant at
Greenville Avenue, Dallas Texas. Chili’s started on a simple dream, to create a style and a place
you’d want to go and hang out with a group of friends. Offering excellent food drinks at a reasonable
price in a casual, fun and attractive atmosphere.
Chili’s signature menu items include Sizzling Fajitas, BBQ Baby back Ribs, Steaks, Big Mouth
Burgers, Salads and delicious Margaritas.
In 1983 Chili’s became a publicly held corporation under the direction and leadership of Norman
Brinker. Mr. Brinker brought with him years of unparalleled success in the restaurant industry. In
1991, Chili’s Inc., reflecting a new role as operators of 6 restaurant chains, changed its name to
Brinker International. Their mission still centers on creating a dynamic atmosphere of well-trained
genuine people serving a quality products in fun environment.
At Chili’s, Food is a frontier to new flavors, experiences, and connections. Chili’s is where we
can be us together. Where food doesn’t just feed your appetite, it fills your soul. Chili’s
restaurant is an experience. It’s a feeling that stays with you. It’s a place where families reunite
at the end of a busy work week, where friends catch up over an appetizer or two and where
everyone’s encouraged to bring their own flavor.
What’s with Chili’s Kuwait?
Chili’s Kuwait is one of the premier casual dining restaurants in Kuwait. Situated near the famous
Kuwait landmark the “Kuwait Towers” on the Gulf road and has been transferred to new location
“Green Island – Gulf Road. Chili’s Kuwait has all the character, passion, ambiance and the same
great food throughout the worlds at Chili’s.
January 1998, Chili’s Kuwait opened and began serving quality food, beverages and rendering
sizzling service. Having been in the restaurant industry for 22 years now, it has undoubtedly given
Chili’s a significant reputation as “Truly Like No Place Else” among Kuwaitis and Expatriates and
continuously provides an impact to all guests. Chili’s Kuwait has 15 restaurants with business volume,
managed professionally based on Chili’s Standards and Expectations. Also, Chili’s Kuwait has
recognized of being one of the leading casual dining restaurants in the Middle East region and in the

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