Abdulghani K Alghunaim is  an esteemed first generation businessman who has contributed personally and professionally to the growth and development of Kuwait. Having completed his  Doctorate in Arts from the Arizona University , he returned to Kuwait and started his first trading enterprise in Kuwait along with his two brothers Sulaiman & Sabah in the year 1970. Through his hardwork and remarkable foresight,   Al-Ghunaim Trading Co.  has reached great heights as an undisputable  leader in the hospitality business in Kuwait. The hallmark of the company has been commitment to excellence, high quality of service, responsible and sustainable environmental practices  as well as proactive outreach to our employees and customers.  

The Al-Ghunaim Family History

The Al Ghunaim Family was one of the earliest settlers in Kuwait. The family’s original source of income was pearl diving and selling. The family then turned their business focus into international trading with countries in South Asia such as India. Al Ghunaim’s father started his working career at very young age as a record keeper. He soon became well recognized for his business acumen. He was then elected to the parliament, where he became the speaker of the house and then president of the National Assembly for two consecutive terms. The Al ghunaim have been involved in the business for over 35 years. The vast experience and dedication of the Al-Ghunaim family has built Al Ghunaim Trading Company into the International company, it is today

Three of the Al Ghunaim brothers Suleiman, Abdulghani and Sabah followed in their father’s footstep of becoming very prominent businessmen in Kuwait. These three brothers founded Al Ghunaim Trading Company Ltd. in 1970.

Al Ghunaim Group is one of the prominent groups in Kuwait, with business interest in Trading, Real Estate, Hospitality and Security. The Group employs over 1500 employees in more than twelve companies.

Following are the roles and designations he is having in various organizations

  • Chairman & CEO              Al Ghunaim Trading Co.(from 1979 till date)
  • Chairman & CEO              Juice Lovers Gen Trad Co.(from 1996 till date)
  • Vice President                   Tala Food Co. K.S.C.C(2008 till date)
  • Chairman                            Khaled Saleh Al Ghunain & Sons
  • Chairman &

Managing director           Gulf Security Co.(from 1980 till date)

  • Chairman                            ABB Middle East
  • Vice President                   Warba Insurance Co. (1977-1998) – Kuwait
  • Board Member                  Commercial Bank of Kuwait (1977-1990) –Kuwait
  • Board Member                  United Bank of Kuwait (1978-1990) –London-UK
  • Managing Director           Mubarakiya Poultry & Feed Co. (1980-1982) – Kuwait

Companies established in Kuwait :

                                                Al Tashyeed Real Estate Co.

                                                Food Distributors Co.

                                                Al Noun Trading Co.


                                                KMK Restaurant Management Co.

                                                Le Baton Sale Co.

                                                Al Ghunaim Group Co.

Private Companies :

                                                Badra Real estate Co. K.S.C.C

                                                Badra Trading Co. W.L.L

Special Projects :

                                                Kuwait Gulf Special Education School Co.

Overseas Companies :

  • USA            1) Consolidated Food Concepts Inc – Dallas

2) Iron one Technologies  – Austin

3) Walters Bay International – Austin

4) Quantum Material Vertical Technologies Co. – Austin

  • Lebanon    1) Arz Catering Group S.A.L

2) IRG Holding

  • Bahrain     1) Tala Restaurant Management Co.

2) Al Ghunaim International

Detailed Educational Qualification

  • Doctorate in Fine Arts , University of Arizona, U.S.A
  • Master in Fine Arts, University of Oregon, U.S.A
  • Dallas High School , Oregon, USA
  • Shuwaikh High School Kuwait

Marital Status : Married, having four children- 2 boys and 2 girls

Date of Birth : 15-October 1947